Wibbly Wobbly Histor-obly

Pushover initially had the idea of starting a new Hash on the basis that in the Winter, it was less easy to get a mid-week run. Runners can feel more vulnerable running the streets in the dark on their own. She discussed the idea firstly with Come Again, who was eager for the hash to be formed. The inaugural (first) hash for the Worthy Winchester Winter Wednesday H3 commenced on Wednesday 9th January 2013. The run started from the Colebrook Street Car Park, Winchester and the Live Hare was Come Again. There were 22 Hashers there to support the new Hash.

The premise for the WWWW H3 was for it to follow on from the Hursley H3, Friday night live, which ran during the Summer months on a monthly basis. The WWWW H3 would commence on a fortnightly basis and run for 10 runs during the Winter months. So the first run would be following the clocks going back in the Autumn, and the last being before the clocks going forward in the Spring. so WWWW H3 (soon to be nicknamed Wibbly Wobbly) had began. It is a live hare hash, there is no Hash cash, because it started small, the intention was to use car parks, and small pubs, for a drink, however the hash soon grew in popularity, and larger venues were found. There are no Down Downs, or celebratory gifts.

The last run of the Winter season was seen off with a lovely Curry night, held in various Curry houses over the years.